Dollboy live at the Union Chapel

Plans For A Modern City Different Drummer 2004
Casual Nudism Arable Records 2006
A Beard of Bees Static Caravan 2009
Ghost Stations/
Second Language 2010
Further Excursions Into The Ulu With Dollboy Kooky Records 2012

L'Histoire de Dollboy...

This all started back in 2001 or so. My big beat acid techno combo Cooler had broken up amicably enough and I found myself making beatless music in complete contrast to the previous three years' output. I'd been a fan of the early Eno records in my teens and had just discovered the ambient stuff and when Stan played me the Laraaji album (Ambient 3) it triggered a good five years meandering in and out of more or less ambient soundscapes and tone poetry. This period produced the first two Dollboy albums, "Plans For A Modern City" and "Casual Nudism", appearances on various compilatons and radio shows, a couple of 7" singles and remixes and acclaimed shows at The Big Chill.

In 2009 Static Caravan released the third Dollboy album, "A Beard Of Bees" to some fairly rave reviews and there followed a trawl around the festivals that summer. The sound had evolved into something less obviously electronic but, more fundamentally, the ambient "pieces" had become songs with sung words and choruses. It seemed radical to us at the time but really it was a return to a very well established form. I think we just wanted to prove that we could do it, like a conceptual artist proving they can still draw.

The following year produced another instrumental album on the small-but-perfectly-formed boutique label Second Language. "Ghost Stations/Geisterbahnh√∂fe" was what they're now calling "psychogeographical" and comprised two long pieces and various printed ephemera in an attempt to evoke the ghosts of abandoned underground stations in London and Berlin. Again, it was very well received, even being described in some quarters as a "masterpiece".

And now there's "Further Excursions Into The Ulu With Dollboy". The fifth Dollboy album is another vocal album of twelve songs. It picks up where Bees left off perhaps. Again, it's less electronic, there's more singing than before and the last three years' background listening is probably more evident too. I think it's the best Dollboy record yet but then again, it's probably not for me to say.

Oliver Cherer